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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Jimmy Jumps Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

Whoa! First of all, one thing should know about “Jimmy Jumps”- it’s the most party oriented and noise producing hostel in the area of Vilnius. You an easily notice that while scrolling through their Facebook gallery.

Information given above is not based just on my experience as hostel guest, but also as an ex-neighbor. Some five years ago, I used to live next door and I was aware that there is something more happening than just people sleeping. We were also having parties - so it was not a problem, but could be for some people.

Don’t be alarmed - noise - not that bad having in mind that hostel feels alive and there are lots of possibilities to communicate with fellow travelers from all over the world and share your stories.

If there is non to talk to - be sure to stay “hello” to administration staff. I was shocked to see that hostel, witch was opened by a cheerful Canadian guy, has more than 4 beautiful women working there - prepared to give all attention and information needed to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Nice present to Vilnius form creatives of Canada.

“Jimmy Jumps” youth hostel can be found at the central part of Vilnius old town. It can easily be reached by taxi if you arrive from an airport or old school 20 minute walk if yo come from central bus or train stations. For folks with flight tickets - my recommendation would be to take train and then walk there.

As most of the accommodation places they also have special deals with companies providing transportation, so you can trust the cab driver to deliver you right where you are intending to go or leave a hostel in good hands of trustworthy professionals.

Taxi service in Vilnius is not expensive - for 20 EUR or so you can cross entire city (keep this in mind). Just be sure to look after kilometer calculator, because there are some rumors that for English speaking visitors they charge more than from locals or Russian speaking tourists.

After entering the hostel with security code provided you’re asked to feel like home - to remove your shoes. Only then you are about to be given an introduction and instructions by hostel administration of how things work here in “Jimmy Jumps” hostel.

Yes, there is a huge kitchen area connected with guest room - you can relax to death: play board games, read books, chat with guests, drink tea or even have a short nap on sofa.

Just be alarmed - you won’t get to sleep well there because public computer is usually occupied by someone busily typing secret facebook messages with photos attached referring to the beauty of Vilnius. Keyboards produce sound.

Kitchen is also a place where you get your free bed & breakfast in the morning, by default: waffles with jam or chocolate, etc. These are prepared by hostel administrator with special recepie in mind.

While all this is happening with ambient pop music streamed from administration computer - you’re led to discover the room where you’re about to get some quality sleep later that night.

Hostel offers dorms of 6-12 beads. I’m not sure about this, but possibly you can get a deal to visit another building just besides where other opportunities arise - private rooms, double rooms, long term accommodation and what not.

Paying a little deposit you can leave your belongings in the locker besides your bed. Usually people in the hostels are rotating (constantly changing) so keep an eye of valuable belongings: passport, computer, mobile phone, credit cards, flight tickets, wallet etc.

There is more to add about security: every time you leave hostel and re-enter - you are asked for outdoors pin code or other option - call administration to open door for you. It can be annoying for smokers, but generally it’s good practice, because of feeling of safety witch is always nice to have.

“Jimmy” hostel accepts volunteers to make this place even more better and pleasant for travelers from around the world. So, if you’re looking for a temporary hostel job with ability to stay for free - maybe it’s time to give them a call.

During summer season we have beautiful skies over here in Vilnius, so if you’re about to spend some more time in hostel - visit upstairs terrace (balcony, so to speak). It’s beautiful, you can reach rooftop with your hand.

As mentioned before - “Jimmy Jumps” hostel is located right at the heart of Vilnius - Savičius Street. You can’t get any closer to bars, night clubs, supermarket and shopping areas than this. Be sure to find good company and if you’re willing to have a little party - there are more people to join you.

It’s a party hostel - from what I was able to observe. I have tried bar crawling - it was terrible. :)

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