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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Fortuna Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

Just ten minutes walking up north from the city center and crossing the railway you’ll find Fortuna hostel. During my visit it was winter season, so I would label it as the coldest and poorest in interior designed place I’ve been to so far.

The building does not have good heating system, but during summer time it should not be a problem - obviously. Anyways, it’s worth a visit because of very cheap price per stay and availability.

Within space provided you have three floors: chill-out area also known as guests room where you can read books or play table tennis or watch cable TV, then there is two kitchens to serve yourself food, administration room and sleeping areas.

It was enough for my needs at the time, but in general, would not go there again if there options closer to the center are available, because walking at night in the area might also be dangerous based on very abstract judgments passed by the media.

Place is perfect for travelers that are just passing by, because it’s very close bus and train stations. Also good option for travelers looking for low cost accommodation or backpackers who were not able to find space in other hostels. Well, you get the point.

Good thing about this hostel - guests and staff members were very nice and it took me less than 10 minutes to become a part of a local party.

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