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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Filaretai Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

If one believes in history, then we have the right to say that “Filaretai” - the oldest hostel in the region of Vilnius. It was opened by a church priest Stašys in 1929 and as a present for a local youth community to keep them busy with activities of all sorts. Now, it’s also one of the best choice for backpackers budget.

“Filaretai” hostel - located about 5 km from a central part of Vilnius, resting on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful architecture of Užupis district. Area is well known for it’s art projects and friendly community atmosphere. Some go even as far as to refer it to Denmark’s famous Christiania.

Just down the hill you can find Vilnelė river with colorful Tibetan flags sparkling in a gentle wind. Dozens of citizens of Vilnius during hot summer days go to have some quiet meditation time for themselves under the shadow of a tree.

If you cross the river and go about 900 m. you’ll end up in old town and it’s a good place to be for those who want to experiment with traditional or contemporary foods. There you have a choice of different bars, night clubs for your particular needs. Cross the river twice and you’re home again.

Hostel’s building actually reminds me of a hospital - with more than a few floors and labyrinths of corridors inside you can be sure to get lost. Good thing: there is enough space for everyone - especially people coming in groups and evacuation maps will help you.

There is always something more to add. The lady working at the administration table was very helpful to me - she provided free clean towel and instructed how to properly use kitchen area.

As most of the hostels have, they also do - small corner kitchen to cook food and serve yourself some coffee or other beverages. Just besides there is a breakfast hall where you can enjoy your cooking results. Kitchen seems tiny to me.

Showers and toilets appeared to be cleaned regularly and there is a washing machine - if you are in need clean your clothes - although I prefer doing it with bare hands - the old school way. Washing machine costs almost nothing - less than 3 EUR.

During my stay I appreciated the silence - it’s peaceful and Internet speed was alright for my needs. In the public chill-out area you have television and more public computers than any other hostel in town - 4 of them. That’s really a bonus especially for kids

Late at I heard noise behind the door. It was quiet before, so I was well alarmed to check who was up so late in the hostel and making so much sound. It appears, some 50 children from Poland just arrived by bus with a teacher in charge. These kids immediately occupied computers and played some sports games in huge corridors of “Filaretai” hostel.

Overall atmosphere inside is really moody, because of very little light coming from outside. I get to sleep in the same room with a few other guys and felt like ventilation can be improved - in the morning it smelled like after party and we have no drinks that night.

“Filaretai” hostel - perfect option for those who are interested in having long term cheap stay or people coming in large groups: football teams, people attending conferences, friends and what not.

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