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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Fabrika Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

Now this place is surrounded by conspiracies of all sorts, because it’s too cheap to be true for a hostel besides most culture busy street in Vilnius - Gediminas street. It’s the place you’ll definitely pass by while visiting capital of Lithuania.

“Fabrika” hostel was opened by business people from Russia and offers the most unique accommodation atmosphere at hand. Dorm rooms are huge and so much light comes through the windows on the rooftop that you can barely see ink on a book.

Walls are decorated with photos taken by visitors from all over the world and electronic ambient music gently hits your ears with quality sound system controlled by hostel administration. They are lovely people and prepared to help with problems you have.

There is no free breakfast included in the price, but you can use public kitchen for your survival talents and even share some with fellow travelers who are able to join you at massive table besides you.

Shower and toiled cabins make guest feel like they will not be delayed on emergency situations - there a lots of these cabins and what’s interesting - they’re standardized, isolated, private.

You might order dorm room witch are ridiculously cheap - I paid less than 10 EUR per night. No problem to get your private or double room if needed. I sneaked to see some of these - they are worth the price.

Most of the guests coming to the hostel are Russian and English speaking - for me personally it opened up a list of new relationships that I would never imagine to make possible.

The only problem - hostel occupies top floor, so when the sun is shining - rooftop gets hot and temperature inside rises to unconformable degrees. They do have air conditioners, but listening to a sound of blades spinning all night - not the most pleasant experience to have.

Hostel is located next to famous Neringa Hotel Just jump into elevator and press button 4 and in a minute surrealism begins. Optimal for travelers on budget and big groups or backpackers looking for Russian language friendly hostels.

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