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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Downtown Forest Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

There is not enough word combinations to describe my fascinating experience of this place called “Downtown Forest” (a.k.a “Paupio Namai”) - it’s cheapest and most cheerfull hostel in Vilnius.

Not to mention that you can relax by fireplace when sun sets down - there are dozens of well looked after rooms to choose from: dorms and privates.

What’s interesting - hostel area is not a part of some other office or church building, but an isolated private house surrounded by beautiful garden.

“Downtown Forest” hostel rests in the middle of an alley surrounded by huge ancient trees and there is a possibility to do summertime camping activities - use grill or unpack you tent, etc.

Terrace just in front of the house makes you wonder about these beautiful sunsets of Vilnius and what a coincidence to arrive exactly to the place you belong to - surrounded by travelers from all over the world sharing their stories.

Just up the hill the panorama of Vilnius can be seen - it’s perfect spot for photographers. Also some abandon church areas a few hundred meters away - for the curious ones there is a possibility to get lost and it’s really fun - we’ve tried it.

After good nights sleep expect to be woken up by barking neighbor dogs outside the house and birds singing in the trees or lady preparing morning coffee for hostel guests.

Yes, free morning coffee and tea provided and with additional 1 EUR price you can get freshly baked sweets - traditional Crossan. Kind of bread and breakfast. That was one of the best reasons to stay longer there than expected.

Since my last visit things have changed - instead of single kitchen now they offer two of them. While hostel looks always busy delivering best accommodation environment for it’s guest - a few places to cook food - good thing to have.

It’s worth to mention again - there is fireplace and it’s amazing to sit by during winter time if you come frozen to death after sightseeing tour. Hostel also has fridge full of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks for your needs and prices are more or less similar to the ones in supermarket.

There are also funny paintings and weather forecast of today and tomorrow on the wall, plus event calendar so you can follow up what’s happening in Vilnius during your stay.

“Downtown Forest” hostel located close to district of Užupis and of-course - river Vilnelė. It’s a perfect spot for those who want to be close to nature while keeping an eye on what’s going on in the center.

Usually you can get good offers if you stay long term - I meet many people who live in the house for two or more months and it appears they are enjoying it.

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