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Affordable accommodation options reviewed by local citizen of Vilnius for tourists & backpackers heading towards capital of Lithuania in search of a perfect place to stay.

Do Re Mi Hostel

2014-08-15 | Be temos

Located close to famous Lukiškių Square, opened by two Italian brothers - “Do Re Mi” hostel - based on my observations, appears to be cleanest and most looked after place in old-town of Vilnius.

It’s easy to notice that owners of the place love symmetry and symbols. Reception desk is centered just up the stairs entering hostel territory and after completion of your order you will be lead to one of the rooms: either on the left or right from the administrators table. Most of the doors you’ll see have some unique symbol representing the space, usually musical instrument: guitar, violin, saxophone, etc.

Downstairs for the needs of hostel visitors there is a playground and chill-out area with kitchen right besides. Kitchen are has enough tools even for the most complicated Beijing’s Grilled Duck recepie. I mean it - I have not seen kitchen so well prepared for cooking in Vilnius hostels.

The place is cleaned daily, so be trust that you are staying in the most hygiene sterile place in town. There is possibility to wash your clothing if needed. Walls are painted in white color and so beds and blankets are in white. Reminds me of a hospital again - what’s wrong with my semantic reactions?

After leaving your valuables in personal locker box and leaving hostel area you’re about to face KGB museum - never been there, but according to some locals it’s worth a ticket. Few hundred meters left and you’re in the most busy street in Vilnius - Gedmino street. You can easily find a company there for a drink or chatter.  Also some coffee shops nearby, but in the kitchen you’ll find right equipment to make your own beverage.

What else can be said about Do Re Mi? It’s a place for people who value hygiene and order. It’s also not a party hostel - very quiet, indeed and that makes you value it even more - private time.

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